With the focus on Southern China, PMI Food Service specializes in providing premium products to small and medium sized retailers by leveraging PMI Foods’ robust supply chain and importation through PMI Distribution.
PMI Food Service is also responsible for the Miglio brand production. PMI Food Service caters to small and medium sized restaurants, grocery stores, and processing plants, with small scale deliveries. 

Direct Access to Global Brands

We have a diverse line of products available from numerous global brands.

Food Safety

Our controlled purchasing process includes port clearance and CIQ certification. It also ensures food safety by allowing PMI to trace all product to source of origin.

Professional Logistic Services

Our advanced cold storage equipment ensures product is kept at consistent temperatures of -18Cº to -20Cº.
The use of refrigerated trucks and proper handling of boxes allows us to maintain temperature during transit. 
Order today, delivery tomorrow. Everyone wins.

Customized Products

Slicing, marinating, quantity and packaging can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Menu Development

Tasting events and seminars are held periodically. 
Menu development services are available through professional chefs.

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