PMI Foods successfully serves the international food market through our PMI Global Solutions business platform. With outstanding performance and presence on five continents, PMI Global Solutions utilizes our  extensive market expertise to meet local quality standards and provide expert knowledge in customs and logistics. Our team works closely with our clients from the initial inquiry through successful product delivery.

Global presence

With a strong presence on five continents, PMI Foods utilizes its industry expertise in order to clearly understand each unique market and serve the changing global marketplace.

Industry Leader

PMI Foods is a proven leader in the global food market, moving thousands of tons of product each year, ensuring supplier and customer satisfaction. 

Knowledge and Experience

PMI Global Solutions provides expertise in the global food market supply chain. We specialize in all commercial aspects, meeting local quality standards and  providing detailed logistics services.  These core competencies allow PMI Global Solutions to provide professional service while fully meeting the specific needs of suppliers and customers. 

PMI Global Solutions coverage area
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