Building on more than two decades of proven business success, PMI Foods was established as a strategic international partnership between Parker International (United States) and Brazilian Meridional Meat (Brazil).



Parker International was founded April 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Meridional Meat Food Import and Export Ltd. was founded in December 1995 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.



As a result of the partnership’s initial success, the two companies opened the Guangzhou, China office in July, 2000. Guangzhou marked the first joint office in Asia.


Parker-Migliorini International’s presence in Mar del Plata, Argentina was launched in 2004 in order to expand its international supply chain.


With expanding business in China, Parker International (China Company Ltd) began operations  in August 2006 in Hong Kong.


In June 2009 Parker-Migliorini Shanghai Food Trading Company Ltd. was launched in Shanghai, China.

Later that year, Parker International and Meridional Meat launched a comprehensive brand in order to strengthen and solidify their international market presence.  Parker Migliorini International (PMI) was created, encompassing both companies, consolidating market operations, and leveraging international market leadership and expertise.


Focusing on the European market, Parker-Migliorini International GmbH was established August 2010, in Baar, Switzerland.

Focusing on the Asia distribution market, PMI Hong Kong Food Services Ltd. commenced operations in August, 2010 in Hong Kong.


Expanding company presence in the Asian market, Parker-Migliorini Food Trading Beijing Company Ltd. was established in Beijing, China in August 2013.


To accommodate additional company expansion in the European market, two new offices were established in 2013: Parker-Migliorini International Bulgaria EOOD in Sofia, Bulgaria and Parker-Migliorini Europe GmbH in Lugano, Switzerland.


In 2014, the company modified its official name to include the word ‘food’ - more accurately articulating the company’s focus in servicing the international food market. Since this time, the corporate brand has been known as PMI Foods.

Further serving the distribution channel, Parker-Migliorini International Guangzhou Food Services Ltd. commenced operations in July 2014 in Guangzhou, China.

In 2014, the company segmented its business offerings into two platforms: PMI Global Solutions; sourcing commodities to serve the global market, and PMI Distribution; specializing in local market customs and fulfilling the specific demands of each customer.


In 2015, PMI Foods added two new operations to better serve all continental markets. In April, Parker-Migliorini International Australia PTY (PMI Australia) began operations in Sydney, Australia, to cover the Oceania region. In late 2015, Parker-Migliorini International GmbH began operations in Dubai to cover the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  


In early 2016, Parker-Migliorini International Foods Benin S.a.r.l (PMI Foods Benin) was founded in Cotonou, Benin.


PMI Foods continued to explore new markets and opportunities and started three new operations in Japan, South Africa and Italy. The new offices are located in Tokyo, Johannesburg and Milan. 

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